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Inheritance Advances

Are you the heir of a pending inheritance which is currently tied up in the probate court system?  Do you need LUMP SUM FAST CASH today?  If so, the professionals at ShadowAngel Group, Ltd. can help with a unique financial product called an Inheritance Advance

As a beneficiary of an estate, you may be qualified to receive an advance of LUMP SUM CASH (based on a validated inheritance)  through our seasoned contract buyers of up to $250,000Best of all, you can use your INHERITANCE CASH ADVANCE for virtually any reason including...

Attention:  Estate Lawyers and Family Planning Practitioners

Inheritance Advances are a unique product which provides heirs with liquidity when they need it most.  When estate cash is in short supply, contact us for a complimentary evaluation regarding your ability to arrange an Inheritance Advance for needy beneficiaries or, alternatively, simply complete or short online quote form by selecting the "Get Quote" icon below.